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Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), is one of the public universities in Malaysia primarily focusing on Engineering and Technology. UTHM is strategically located in green sub-urban environment in Batu Pahat, Johor which is about 3 hours drive to Kuala Lumpur and 1.5 hours to Singapore via North-South Expressway (NSE).


“ Towards a world class university in engineering , science and technology for sustainable development. ”
“ UTHM is committed to generate and disseminate knowledge, to meet the needs of
industry and community and nurturing creative and innovative human capital,
based on the tauhidic paradigm. ”
" With Wisdom , We Explore. "
"Technically Above The Rest" 


Developing a future sustainable technological university. 


The education and training practice in this university is a continuous effort to become the leader in market oriented academic programmes.These programmes are student-focused and are conducted through experiential learning in order to produce well trained human resource and professionals who are catalysts for sustainable development.

logo uthm

UTHM logo displays a proton , a book , a tiered mortar board ( levels of learning ) , a book-rest and a shield.


  • Red - Bravery
  • Blue – Collaboration
  • Silver – Quality/prestige
  • Book-rest - Knowledge
  • Proton – Science and Technology
  • Book – Knowledge
  • Mortar board – Levels of study
  • Circle – Resilient and related to global characteristics
  • Shield - Confidence

The whole concept of the logo represents UTHM as a learning institution that supports knowledge expansion and development at all levels of study in science and technology.

Blue represents the close relationship among the UTHM community in ensuring successful and resilient implementations of the University programmes as well as its education and research activities that are carried out for the benefit of mankind.

Red symbolises the adventurous nature of UTHM in exploring new fields to establish itself as a leader in the applications of science and technology. Thus , this reflects the spirit and self-esteem of the UTHM community.


The mace concept and design are based on the dynamism of UTHM in various activities and learning processes reflecting the tawheed ( oneness of God ) , in which it depicts a technology centered University.


Several traditional motif engraving designs with a dynamic combination of shapes on the mace , mirror the mission and vision of UTHM. The unique , dynamic and innovative mace design comprises three main components.

which are :

  • The head : known as the torch ,
  • The body : known as the chalice ( batil ) ,
  • The haft : known as the column.

The torch-shaped head symbolizes the University role as a purveyor of knowledge. The engraved syahadah and the five-sided surfaces symbolize Islamization and the National Commandments ( Rukunegara ). Each of the five-sided surfaces is engraved with the following motifs :

  • Crest of the government of Malaysia ,
  • Crest of the state of Johor ,
  • Crest of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia ,
  • The national flower ,
  • The Parliament.

The body , known as the chalice symbolizes the fountain of knowledge. It is surrounded by carvings of floating clouds symbolizing tranquility in the acquisition of knowledge. The University crest on each side portrays the main function of the University in pursuing knowledge.

The column signifies authority which is the foundation of the development of knowledge. Stalks of paddy portray self-esteem. The end part of the haft is supported by a time capsule portraying the transition of time , in line with the development of science and technology as the core and pillar of the University establishment.



Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia aims to provide academic programmes of high quality that are based on science and technology to fulfill customers’ expectations through excellent organisational management and continuous improvement. The University’s senior management and staff at all levels are highly committed to implementing and maintaining effective quality management by fulfilling the requirements of MS ISO 9001 : 2008.


Quality objectives are created , implemented , monitored and periodically reviewed so that they will be in accordance with the vision and mission of the University :

  • To ensure all programmes offered fulfil the market requirements , certified professional bodies and relevant agencies.
  • To expand student admission to various admission avenues.
  • To ensure that all staff have the necessary academic qualifications in accordance with their job categories.
  • To ensure that all academic staff are provided with trainings for their teaching and learning tasks.
  • To ensure that all staff are provided with continuous training programs to improve their professionalism , competence and potentials.
  • To produce graduates who are competent and highly competitive in the applications of science and technology.
  • To provide adequate equipment , infrastructure and a suitable campus environment which have been agreed upon and decided for the purpose of academic programmes.
Gemilang UTHM Song 

Integriti berinovasi
Merintis teknologi terkini
Etika universiti mendukung visi dan misi
Realisasikan aspirasi dinamis berkualiti


Gemilang akan dijulang
Terajui aplikasi sains dan teknologi
Yakini semangat jatidiri
Saingi globalisasi
Demi agama nusa bangsa
Mendukung wawasan negara

Facts and Figures

  • STUDENT      
        Active Enrollmen
    Undergraduate Students : 10131 10545
    Master Students : 940 996
    PhD Students : 1073 1124
    Enrollment International Students : 681 710
    Academic Staff : 1056  
    Non-academic Staff : 1269  
    Academic Staff With PhD   : 653  
    Full Time International Academic Staff : 14  
    Number Of Indexed Publication (Scopus)

    Total Document :7392

    H-index : 42




Cut Of date : 19.8.2018

  • For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at:

    Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)
    86400 Parit Raja, Batu Pahat
    Johor, Malaysia

    Tel: +607-453 7000
    Fax: +607-453 6337

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