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The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FKAAS), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) was established on May 1st 2004 after the restructuring of all the faculties. It is a combination of two departments; the Civil Engineering Department from the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Construction and Environmental Technology Engineering from the Faculty of Technology Engineering. The Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering was established since September 13th 1993 when the Polytechnic Staff Training Center was first set up. Whereas, the Department of Construction and Environmental Technology Engineering from the Faculty of Technology Engineering was established September 30th 2000 when Institute Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (ITTHO) was upgraded to Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (KUiTTHO) and was subsequently upgraded to Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).
This faculty offers academic programmes for students in diploma, bachelors, and postgraduate studies. The uniqueness of FKAAS is that it exposes the students to hands-on training apart from theoretical learning in civil engineering. This is to allow students to better compete in the present job market. Besides that, the students are guided by experienced staff with professional qualifications.


FKAAS aspires to lead in the application of civil and environmental engineering knowledge in providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the benefit of mankind.


To produce and train professionals who are creative, innovative, competent and responsible in fulfilling the societal and environmental demands in a progressive and sustainable manner.


FKAAS consists of five departments:

1. Department of Construction and Building Engineering (JKBP)
2. Department of Material and Structure Engineering (JKSB)
3. Department of Water and Environment Engineering (JKAP)
4. Department of Transport and Geotechnique Engineering (JKGP)
5. Department of Civil Engineering (JTKA)


The aims of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FKAAS) are:

1. To conduct academic programmes that are planned to help to execute functions towards achieving the vision and mission.
2. To conduct academic programmes that are competitive and able to produce a professional work force that fullfills global needs.
3. To conduct research and development that is innovative and cater to the need of the work force.
4. To become a reference center and a center of excellence in engineering R&D.
5. To create smart partnership with the industry and stakeholders.
6. To conduct continuous education that is needed by the industry.


1. To conduct three bachelors degree programmes in civil engineering with honors, three diploma programmes as well as Masters and PhD programmes.
2. To produce at least 5% of diploma and bachelors degree graduates possessing a CPA of higher than 3.5 every year.
3. To produce 30% of academic staff with PhD qualifications in their respective fields by the year 2010, and to produce 30% of instructors to become professional engineers who are recognized by the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) or equivalent bodies by the year 2010.
4. To publish one journal paper/magazine in a referred national or international journal/magazine averagely by an academic staff in a year.
 5. To ensure 50% of academic staff are involved in research and development by the year 2010.
6. To ensure every staff is provided with an opportunity to attend self development courses at least once a year.


Diploma Programmes

1. Diploma in Civil Engineering
2. Diploma in Civil Engineering and Technology
3. Diploma in Civil Engineering and Education

Degree Programmes

1. Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (Construction) with Honours
2. Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (Building) with Honours
3. Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (Environmental) with Honours

Postgraduate Programmes

1. Masters in Civil Engineering (By course work)
2. Masters in Civil Engineering (By research)
3. Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering by research

The admission for postgraduate studies is through the School of Postgraduate Studies, UTHM.


The faculty is always aware of the latest developments in technology and strives to fulfill the requirements set by professional bodies such as the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Our programmes are always monitored by advisors from both local and international higher institutions of learning. All the programmes offered are approved by the Public Service Department of Malaysia (JPA).


Research is the heart of the physical and infrastructural development in UTHM. It is in accordance with the mission of UTHM to produce technologies and train professionals that are creative, innovative, competent, responsible and able to apply, explore and acquire new technology. FKAAS encourages all staff to move proactively to conduct advance research. Under FKAAS, a few core researches are formed to support the fields of research in the faculty.


1. Material Engineering
2. Civil Engineering
3. Water Resources Engineering
4. Structure Engineering
5. Traffic Engineering
6. Transport Engineering
7. Geotechnique and Geology Engineering
8. Geomatic Engineering


Core research groups were formed since 2003 with the aim of supporting ongoing research. The core research groups are divided into six sectors, which are:

1. Material and Structure Engineering
2. Water Resources Engineering
3. Environmental Engineering
4. Geotechnique and Geology Engineering
5. Traffic, Transport and Highway Engineering
6. Building and Construction Engineering


The faculty’s facilities consist of 5 departments and 21 laboratories that provide facilities for supporting learning, research and consultancy.
Our faculty continuously purchases new equipments to upgrade the facilities using the faculty’s yearly budget. The equipments available in our laboratories are among the most sophisticated in this region.


  Associate Professor Dr. Abd.Halid Bin Abdullah


Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
UTHM 86400 Parit Raja
Batu Pahat Johor

Tel No : 07-4564201
Fax No : 07-453 6588
E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website : http://fkaas.uthm.edu.my/

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