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The Office of the UTHM Vice Chancellor was established on 18 April 2002. It is responsible for the general supervision of all regulations on teaching, research, finance, administration, welfare and discipline in the University. The Office also exercises such other powers as may be conferred upon it by the Constitution, Statutes, Acts, Rules and Regulations. The administration of the Vice Chancellor's Office is headed by the Deputy Registrar and each unit within the Office is headed by a Senior Assistant Registrar / Assistant Registrar / Assistant Administrative Officer assisted by support staff.


Being a credible and sustainable administrative center of the University.


Committed to implement good governance in realizing the objectives of the University.


 To ensure that planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of governance implemented effectively in line with the vision and mission of the University.
Quality Objectives

  1. Manage all resources and monitor compliance of any implementation of policies, regulations and guidelines efficiently and prudently in ensuring good governance towards fulfilling the aspirations of the University.
  2. Ensure that all policies, procedures and guidelines adopted by the University in accordance with the legal provisions in force and carry out continuous monitoring of the code of conduct of staff and students through enforcement of disciplinary rules.
  3. Enhance corporate image through best practice in public relations, ICT, print and electronic media as well as the organization of events in compliance with official protocol standards.
  4. Provide creative media design concepts and manage printing services in accordance with the needs and image of the University.

Assist the Vice Chancellor exercise general supervision on all matters regarding research, finance, administration, welfare, safety and discipline at the University.
Assist the Vice Chancellor ensure every authorized body within the University acts according to the powers assigned to it by the Act, Constitution, Statutes, Rules and Regulations enforced.
Assist the Vice-Chancellor by providing support services on matters regarding .administration, management, welfare, corporate image and relations of the University.
Coordinate and manage official inbound visits to the University and the University management visits abroad.
Prepare and manage the University administration report.
Manage all matters relating to internal auditing of the University.
Coordinate the administrative work involving authorized body within the University (PTJ) with the relevant public authority.

Head Office

Mr. Shafry bin Salim

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