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Kor Suksis, or Student Voluntary Police Corp, is established in July, 2006, recruits are exposed to different aspects of police training, law and police duties


The objectives of establishing Kor Suksis are as follows:

•    To educate recruits with relevant knowledge and skills related to law enforcement.
•    To develop mental and physical endurance required as a police officer.
•    To inculcate good moral values, character, positive attitudes and discipline in line with police working cultures.


To produce graduates who possess good personalities and skills, and outstanding intellectual and social ability. 



To produce civilian who abide and respect the law and responsible to sustain peace and harmony in the multiracial country.




Kor Suksis UTHM is headed by YDH Commandant Prof. Dr. Amir Hashim bin Mohd Kassim, ACP/KS





SM 90781 Azmer bin Hashim
Tel : 07-4537018
Fax:  07-4536548
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