University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Logo
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Logo University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

UTHM logo displays a proton, a book, a tiered mortar board (levels of learning), a book-rest and a shield.

Red - Bravery
Blue – Collaboration    
Silver – Quality/prestige
Book-rest - Knowledge
Proton – Science and technology
Book – Knowledge
Mortar board – Levels of study
Circle – Resilient and related to global characteristics
Shield - Confidence
The whole concept of the logo represents UTHM as a learning institution that supports knowledge expansion and development at all levels of study in science and technology.

Blue represents the close relationship among UTHM residents in ensuring successful and resilient implementations of the university’s programmes as well as its education and research activities that are carried out for the benefit of mankind.

Red symbolises the adventurous nature of UTHM in exploring new fields to establish itself as a leader in the application of science and technology. Thus, this reflects the spirit and self-esteem of the UTHM residents.
Last Updated ( Selasa, 19 Januari 2016 )